2018, a Year in Review

Posted on Tue 01 January 2019 in General • Tagged with 2018, review, code network, worldedit, worldguard, craftbook

2018 has been a busy year. It was the final year of my Bachelor's degree, the year of rewriting 3 of the most heavily used Minecraft mods, and also a year as President of Code Network, a large student-run programming society in South East Queensland.

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Updating CraftBook to Minecraft 1.13

Posted on Sun 18 November 2018 in Minecraft • Tagged with games, minecraft, craftbook, worldedit, update, 1.13, refactor, multipart, now, available

Updating CraftBook to 1.13 has had a few issues, however it works properly now. A few major changes are also expected in the future.

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Updating 3 of the largest Minecraft plugins in existence to 1.13

Posted on Thu 26 July 2018 in Minecraft • Tagged with games, minecraft, worldedit, worldguard, craftbook, update, 1.13, refactor, multipart

Over the past few months, I've taken on the task of updating WorldEdit, WorldGuard, and CraftBook to Minecraft 1.13.

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