Updating 3 of the largest Minecraft plugins in existence to 1.13

Posted on Thu 26 July 2018 in Minecraft • Tagged with games, minecraft, worldedit, worldguard, craftbook, update, 1.13, refactor, multipart

Over the past few months, I've taken on the task of updating WorldEdit, WorldGuard, and CraftBook to Minecraft 1.13.

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An Ode to the Minecraft Community

Posted on Tue 10 July 2018 in Minecraft • Tagged with games, minecraft, experience, powdertoy, minecon, personal

My journey over 8 years with the Minecraft community.

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LastPass, a venture into the world of bug bounties

Posted on Tue 26 December 2017 in Security • Tagged with security, 2fa, lastpass, bug bounty, bugcrowd

Recently I had an experience involving the LastPass bug bounty program that didn’t end quite how I would’ve liked.

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Exceptions as Flow Control in Java

Posted on Tue 27 December 2016 in Performance • Tagged with java, exception, return, performance, optimization, optimising

Exceptions are commonly used for flow control in Java, but how well do they perform compared to return values?

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AntiCheat - An Analysis

Posted on Tue 15 November 2016 in AntiCheat • Tagged with games, anticheat, gameservers, valve, vac

When talking with people regarding anticheat in games, a few common topics usually emerge. This is a summary of those common topics.

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